MS in Cyber Security & Internet of Things

-- Best Career option in Network Security --

Master of Science in Cyber Security & Internet of Things is an online course meant for network professionals who are planning to take up responsible position in managing a team for securing and mitigating internet vulnerabilities in any organisation. It is the best career option for those looking for middle management roles in Network Security / Cyber Security domain. The course structure is extensive and give you all flavours to master your skills where in pentesting, security analyst or a network security architect. More and more security professionals and team managers will be required to fill the vast gap the industry needs..

Why us : Technology Incubation Center CIU - Winner of National Award in Cyber Security bagged "The Network Security Educator of the Year, India" award by GDS Review, U.K.

About Masters Degree in Cyber Security & IoT : It is a two year 4 semesters program where exams are conducted online MCQ each semester end, contents are online. You dont need a local center to appear in exam or to do classes. The course is delivered centrally from University portal online. You can complete this program from anywhere irrespective of location while doing job.

Course modules of MS in Cyber Security


    • MSCCS11              Insiders Threat to Business
    • MSCCS12              Networking Technologies
    • MSCCS13              Advance Linux Operating Systems
    • MSCCS14              System's Internals for Security
    • MSCCS15              Advance Linux Operating Systems Lab
    • MSCCS16              System's Internals for Security Lab


                • MSCCS21              Network Security
                • MSCCS22              Malware Analysis and Mitigation
                • MSCCS23              Kali Linux for Pentesting
                • MSCCS24              Nmap Security Scanner
                • MSCCS25              Kali Linux for Pentesting Lab
                • MSCCS26              Nmap Security Scanner Lab


  • MSCCS31               Web Security
  • MSCCS32               Ethical Hacking & Vulnerability Assessment
  • MSCCS33               Routing & Switching Technologies
  • MSCCS34               Advance IoT with Raspberry Pi
  • MSCCS35               Routing & Switching Technologies Lab
  • MSCCS36               Advance IoT with Raspberry Pi (Lab)


  • MSCCS41               Mobile Security
  • MSCCS42               Rootkits, Backdoors and Trojans
  • MSCCS43               Advance IoT with Arduino
  • MSCCS44               Advance Pentesting with Kali Linux
  • MSCCS45               Advance IoT with Arduino Lab
  • MSCCS46               Advance Pentesting Lab